IRGL Ends 2022 With A Coverage Of Over 900 Companies

The Nordic coverage increased to over 800 Companies while we continued to expand to the rest of Europe.

In 2022, the Nordic coverage increased to over 800 Companies, including almost 200 Companies outside Sweden in Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland.

We also continued our European expansion, which we started in July 2020, covering the most prominent German companies.

Since mid-2022, we began to add European Indexes from France, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, and the UK. This expansion will be in full swing during 2023.

On behalf of the whole team, I wish you all the best this New Year!


Isabelle Boyer de la Giroday

CEO IR Global League 

Per-Erik (Perka) Holmström

President IR Global League

Market Maker Nordics

Robert Alvarez

Andreas Eklund  

Jesper Hagman

Julia Johansson


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