Welcome to IR Global League, the leading scheduling platform for financial events

“We are here to help your financial events get the full attention they deserve.

We want to promote inspiring presentations and showcase Investor Relations.

We believe we contribute to making equity financing more efficient.

With our new partner Sjöö Sandström and our “Global Scheduler and Timer” I think we have a very good and common symbol that unites us - and always remember that all good Presentations start with “Airtraffic knowledge” to get the best “Airtime”.

As with all Leagues, personalities make the difference. We will do our best to take care of you and be your new friend on the road.”

President IR Global League Per-Erik Holmström

Telephone +46707704581

CEO IR Global League Isabelle Boyer de la Giroday

Client Relation Officer Julia Johansson

Client Relation Officer Roxanne Labastire


UK Address

IR Global League Ltd,

60 Bassingham Road,

London SW18 3AG


Stockholm Address

IRGL Limited

Brunnsgatan 21 A, 3tr , Stockholm

Telephone  +4684114380



Per-Erik Holmstöm speaking at Financial Hearings 30-year anniversary