Welcome to IR Global League we will do the best to take care of you. As in all Leagues we are nothing without our personalities. It has been a long road with this project from the first Nordic Pilot… but hopefully it will proceed a little bit faster and smoother now…. With our new partner Sjöö Sandström and our ”Global Scheduler and Timer” I think we have get a very good and ”Common Symbol” that united us. For all that working hard on the road I hope IRGL will be your new friend on the road, put our IR position forward and do the inspiring job with presentations, who is clearly the lead to Financing,  a lot more efficient ”  

Director IR Global League Per-Erik Holmström



Director of Global League

Per-Erik Holmström

Telephone +46707704581



UK Adress

IR Global League Ltd,

60 Bassingham Road,

London SW18 3AG


Stockholm Adress

IRGL Limited

Brunnsgatan 21 A, 3tr , Stockholm

Telephone  +4684114380


IRGL Director