Members and Partners

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 IR Global League works just like an “Air Traffic System” to ensure your financial event gets the Global Attention it deserves with the best "Air Time" possible.

Use our international scheduler to register your financial event and prevent it from clashing with other company presentations that day and time.

* The Simple Rule

The simple rules in IR Global League is that

- All parties that have something ”in the air” or ”to present” may be a  Member

- All parties that "contribute to members presentations" may be Partners

Many of the parties are therefore both members and partners and the base fee is the same for both parties.

Please Note

It is very important to understand that IRGL is not responsible for the information presented in the IRGL system, it is just responsible for the "airtime" for its members. IRGL does not produce any event of its own,  but many event managers are members in IRGL and their knowledge may be used if IRGL hosts an event for its members and partner.

* Structure 

Members are divided into three main regions (Leagues), America, Europe and Rest of the World. The regions are then divided into smaller economic areas down to cities. We are currently only showing Confirmed Public Events on the public site. However as a Member or Partner, you may see both Results, Dates and Events, and these can be Public or Restricted, and either Unconfirmed or Confirmed.

* Fee - 600 Euro per Year for both Members and Partners.


Members can market their own events under their ”Own Name” on IRGLs public event list. The IRGL diary is also marketed under some preferred partner's sites. As a Member you will have your own account and the chance to enter Public and Restricted Events. If you are interested please mail to  

* Partners                                                                                                                                                                                

Partners cannot market ”Public Events” under their "Own Name" (unless they are also members). However preferred partners can have their own accounts and can see restricted Events. Partners have many different faces as corporate access staff in broker firms, full support event partners, event suppliers, event advisers or sales team member .  

Here we just have another rule "The respect of the existing relationship.” If you are interested please mail to

* The Global Timekeeper                                                                                                                                                                

Sjöö Sandström  is our new partner and has the role of our "Global Timekeeper." The idea stems from the honoring of the Swedish analyst Roland Jonsson, who passed away from cancer, and who had a great interest in just watches. The Swedish market has awarded a prize, the Roland Jonsson Memory, to the best young analyst in the market, in the form of a Sjöö Sandström watch.


* IRGL Create Your Individual Event Calendar  - check



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