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This Calendar was initiated by SIRA, today included in SFF, and Financial Hearing as a Nordic Pilot already 2002. Main drivers in SIRA was Laurence Westerlund, Pia Irell and Inga Lundberg. Since 2018 It has restarted in  the Clock Model and have also links  to the Swedish Analyst Prize - Roland Jonsson Memory - given to an young Analyst in the Market. In some extent also the Journalist Prize to - Björn Davegårdh Memory are linked in the same way. 

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Financial Hearings for Membership Fees, Support and Questions 

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Financial Hearings

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IR Global League –

Vision and Rules
The Vision of the IRGL is to be an “Air Traffic System” for financial events, providing a “mutual information exchange” between market participants. The Global League name is an odd contrast in the financial market but, like other leagues, markets are built on arenas (venues) and clubs or brands (companies) and with star personalities (CEOs, CFOs, IROs and moderators)

The simple rule in iR Global League is that all parties that have something to present have the right to be members. All parties that contribute to members’ presentations have the right to be partners. Many of the parties are therefore both members and partners and the base fee is the same for both parties. In the new model the fee is 600 Euro per Year.

The IRGL or Investor Relations Global League was developed from the IIRF, today known as Global Investor Relations Network

Note : IRGL will mainly not produce any events of its own,but has its own rating model. Advice on presentations is directed to its many partners. 

UK Adress 

IR Global League Ltd, 60 Bassingham Road, London SW18 3AG