IRGL New Partner and CEO

IRGL forms a new partnership with Inderes. As part of it, Inderes acquires Financial Hearings’ event business and their partner Streamfabriken. President Per-Erik Holmström increasing his support and contribution to the global financial presentations structure with the IR Global League, starting by appointing a new CEO, Isabelle Boyer de la Giroday.

President Per-Erik says “Currently, IR Global League monitors and covers 750 Nordic companies, and from January 1st 2023 it will monitor and cover 250 pan-European companies in one go, making it 1000 companies in total. In December, the release of ‘The Importance of Symbioses Between Financial Presentations, Investor Relations and Equity Research for Optimal Company Valuation’,  a book by Isabelle Boyer De La Giroday and myself, covering interviews with leading IR people in Europe”.

Per-Erik Holmström also says “Inderes gave me an opportunity to proceed with a project that I have worked with for nearly 20 years, the IR Global League. In this project, I can work with giving the financial market and community a more fixed structure around events, where it now seems obvious to everyone that the “airtime” is limited. I think it is incredible that the financial events market still works like a lot of independent drones in the air, especially as I think that the financial presentations is the end product, based on the companies’ performance that splits equity in winners and losers in their gain for capital.”

Per-Erik and Financial Hearings have been very successful doing the same as what Inderes has done in Finland: democratized investor events by taking them to the digital age. It is an honour for us to continue this company that has, over the past 30 years, been built with a clear long-term vision to benefit the whole capital markets ecosystem in the Nordics. We are now also happy to be a new partner to IR Global League,” says Mikael Rautanen, co-founder and CEO of Inderes.

It has been an exciting adventure so far working together with Per-Erik, and there is still a lot to do with the book. However, we have now also started to prepare to take the next step together with the Global Platforms in IRGL also outside the Nordics”, says Isabelle Boyer de la Giroday, new CEO of IR Global League

Isabelle Boyer de la Giroday

Per-Erik Holmström